Waiting for The Heavenly Reunion

My name is Durodoluwa, which interpreted means “wait unto the Lord”. All my life, I have disliked this name because the notion of waiting completely goes against my personality. I tend to be a direct and impulsive person. I make fast decisions and prefer to run with an idea, rather than to walk and mull things over. Ironically in my language Duro has a double meaning. Duro also means, “wait” or ”stop”. I don’t like waiting and I don’t like to be stoped. I have asked my father on a number of occasions “why did you give me this name, why couldn’t you have named me “Go” instead of Stop? Why do I have to wait all the time?

In my younger years I thought of my name Duro as more of a curse than a blessing, and I resented it. Now, the more mature me has learned that it is only in the “waiting” that we can renew our strength! The journey of life is long and treacherous and we need all the strength that comes from waiting and resting in God! As a father, I have chosen not to weight down my three sons with such burdensome names. I named them David, James, and Daniel. Names that are more palatable for the western tongue. I am sure that my sons are grateful for their simple biblical names. After the heartbreaking devastating lost of my middle son James, the only thing that I can do is to wait. I wait until that wonderful day when God shall wipe away every tear from my eye. I will continue to wait until that glorious day when we shall be reunited again! It is a long wait for a loving father to endure. But I rest in the hope and in the knowledge that we shall spend eternity together!

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