Why Does a Good God Allow Suffering?

Why does a God allow suffering? Like the billions of people who have sojourned through life on planet earth, I too am baffled by this question. The answer to why suffering exists is illusive. We make three distinct assumptions when we ask this question. We rightly assume that there is a God, a “logical designer.” Second, we assume that this God is good. Lastly, we assume that He allows our sufferings. I wonder if we are asking the right questions? The first two assumptions seem logical to me but the last is suspect. Without the full understanding of the universe and its conflicting dynamic powers, we have only half of the picture. We see only darkly. It is as if we are looking at the world through very dark glass. Therefore it would be problematic and ignorant of us to make the assumption that God “allows” suffering.

However theologizing brings little to no comfort to those who are going through immense suffering. If you are going through difficulties like divorce, or if you battling a disease like cancer or your children are in trouble, or you lost your job, or you are homeless, or you’re loved one dies life can look very dark and gloomy. Your suffering is unique to you. There is no scale that determines which type of suffering is the worst in life. Everyone person feels that their suffering is the worst. None of us is exempt from experiencing sufferings. However, all of us have the power and the choice to comfort others while they are going through their specific kind of suffering. We have the choice to continue to ask “why,” or we can choose to ask “who”. Whom can I help today? Who’s burden can I lessen today? Who can I comfort and encourage today? The change in question changes our perspective, and it has the power to change our world!

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